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Working with our alliance partners extend our capability, accelerates our delivery, and expand our capacity.


We know that with the opportunities and challenges the defence industry is currently facing, strong partnerships are more important than ever before. Today, BTI defence product distribution pipeline derive from successful collaborations with industry leader companies and institutions around the world:

MSI-Defence Systems Ltd

MSI-Defence Systems (MSI-DS) is a world-leader in the supply of small/medium calibre Gun Systems and has been at the forefront of naval gunfire control technology for over 100 years. The highly acclaimed SEAHAWK family of Naval Gun Systems, developed from combat experience, fulfils a multi-role requirement for all classes of vessel. As a major supplier of naval equipment to the UK Royal Navy and over 40 other navies internationally, MSI-DS offers unrivalled capability within this market.


Larsen & Toubro Limited

L&T Defence is a part of Larsen & Toubro, a multi-billion-dollar Indian multinational engaged in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services. It is India`s leading private sector company for the development and supply of Defence Equipment and Systems - with over 30 years of experience in the field.


Equipos Móviles de Campaña ARPA S.A.U.

EQUIPOS MÓVILES DE CAMPAÑA ARPA, since its foundation in 1968, has specialized throughout the years in the design, development, engineering and production of Logistic Solutions for the defence, civilian, health, emergencies and catastrophes markets. Supplying field logistic solutions on diverse types of mobile platforms and services and infrastructure needed for a deployment.


Arex Defense

Anticipating the needs and recognizing the preferences of the user has been our major objective, resulting in a universally suitable self-loading pistol. Available in diferent sizes, each rising to the specific challenges put upon it by its intended use. All variants have identical controls and internal construction but differ in external dimensions, barrel length and magazine capacity.


ElectroAir Ground Power Units

ElectroAir is a manufacturer, developer and designer of ground power units. Our new generation ground power units are unique to other ground power units on the market. They are static converters that combine extensive technological expertise and innovation for civil and military customers along with the consumer focused mindset of two of the best (and most important) aeronautic heritages in the world: Safety and Reliability.


Warship AIS Transponder

i-Marine Marine Technologies and Research Inc. is the leading marine electronics manufacturer in Turkey with the focus of Maritime Management and Monitoring Systems. By having own AIS engine, i-Marine offers a wide product portfolio covering AIS Transponders, AIS Receivers, AIS Shore Station, AIS AtoN Stations etc. where all are integrated via i-SEA Platform.


Naval Water Treatment Systems

Founded in 1979, Gefico is a family-owned company with firm business values and principles. Combining youth and experience, our team is without a doubt our greatest asset. Highly qualified professionals, doctorate-level researchers and engineers specialised in the sector, take care every day of our clients and partners’ interests, guaranteeing a unique, productive and rewarding experience.


Figes Engineering

Turkey's leading engineering firm FIGES AS, in 1990, Dr. Tarik Ogut aims to introduce, teach and use advanced simulation-based engineering techniques in Turkey. In addition to providing sales, training and technical support of MATLAB and Simulink software, which it represents in Turkey, it provides consultancy and projects in national and international markets by using these software.


Naval Engineering Solutions

SH Defence has served navies all over the world for more than three decades and have always been compliant with the security regulations in force. SH Defence is a result of three decades of turnkey equipment and service solutions to various national navies, delivered by the central organisation SH Group. The new department has its own in-house engineering department with state-of-the-art design tools, modern production facilities and test grounds operated by a highly experienced workforce with security clearance.


Luvo Prague Ltd.

We realize how important is to keep up with modern trends and deliver weapons that meet the demands of today's market. That is why we put considerable effort to the development, testing and production of new products and feayures and co-create a modern form of the weapon industry. As a result, we remain among the top players in the market and deliver quality firearms for military, police, special forces and civilians markets worldwide.



FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics operates to perfect the products and solutions it serves in the execution of missions, without giving up on Honesty, Quality and Trust with its technologies, Production and Services, from Design to Production, from Maintenance to Education.



Sainsel, Spanish Company with more than 20 years of experience, experts on engineering solutions with high experience in dfense, surveillance and security. Seinsel has installed more than 400 equipments and systems in a lot of ships, aircrafts, and control centers, property of different national and international clients.


Northern Diver

Northern Diver International Ltd specialises in all things diving across the recreational, commercial, rescue and military sectors. For over four decades, our reputation as one of the world's leading drysuit and scuba diving equipment manufacturers has gone from strength to strength, with a genuine love of diving at our heart.



Located in Orofino, Idaho. Right in the heart and soul of shallow water proving grounds, as well as the steelhead fishing capital of the world. When it comes to shallow water boating, the SJX is a razor blade among butter knives. The SJX is the most unique high performance aluminum jet boat in the country because of its unmatched power-to-weight ratio, fuel economy, tremendous payload, brutal acceleration, superb handling, along with its unmatched shallow water abilities. SJX boats are multipurpose, hunting, fishing, working, and touring jet boats that will get you and your gear where you want to go, even when those other boats can't.



UAVTEK is a UK sovereign, veteran owned, manufacturer of innovative unmanned systems for military and government.



With a long tradition in the Defense Industry, materialized in an experience of more than 75 years in military production, The National Company ROMARM is the main Romanian supplier for defense technique and services and is well known all over the world, representing a constant presence on over 50 markets in countries from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.


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